IKEA Hacks
Probably will be limited to these two hacks for the foreseeable future, but who knows? But, here they are:

1. The first hack was this kitchen cart. I wanted to put in a bowl so I could chop things and shove them right into the prep bowl. Then, once you take out the bowl, you can shove the trash into the drawer underneath (lined with plastic) to bring to the trash. Originally I was going to install a whole trashcan beneath the hole, but I think this is less disgusting than having a festering pile of whatever under there...
Forhoja kitchen cart: $80
Bowl: $5 (x2)
Total: $90

2. Zoe moved half of her circular IKEA bed into our living room while she's subletting. For a while it was just sitting there together as a sing unit, until Ben thought it would be funny to shift the pieces apart and have them like armrests while you sat between them on the floor. After Ben left, I didn't shift them back together, and that got me to thinking that what would be even cooler would be to have a table there! So dad and I threw one together this weekend. Just needs some final sanding and stain (I've got a darkish red oak stain).
Bed: I don't know...free to me
Board: $13
Brackets and nails: $2.50 (x4)
Stain: $5 (?)
Total: $28

3. Kind of an elaborate project for such a simple, silly IKEA product, but I really thought this greenhouse would be nicer inset into a side table. Makes it seem a little more sturdy. The cost of this project depends on the quality of the wood you use. This cost me about $100, all told.
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