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    Final product! You shove cut stuff into the bowl (I tend to cut right to left). then you can take the bowl to wherever you're cooking and then brush the trash into the (soon to be plastic-lined) drawer, for easy transport to the trash.

    Since I wanted to inset the bowl so that it was even with the surface, I could not make a replaceable cover for the hole, though I had considered it. Maybe if you're better with a router, or you didn't want the bowl to be even with the surface, you could do that.

    Don't forget to oil the surface with mineral oil! The surface is not prepared for cooking when you get it. Oiling the surface should help prevent staining and from food juices getting into the wood and going rancid. I have not had any problems with staining, even from beets (and I did not have to scrub too much to get that out)! I almost never cook meat, so I don't know how it fares with that. I would never cook meat on wood anyway, only plastic.

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    1. Heath & the B.L.T. boys 81 months ago | reply

      Cool hack.
      You don't compost?

    2. Queen Esoterica 81 months ago | reply


      Unfortunately no composting. Not allowed to really plant anything here, so not much point.

    3. nancy mae 81 months ago | reply

      Are you left-handed? Trying to figure if I would want bowl on L or R. Guessing that if I have knife in L hand, sliced veggies etc would go to left and scraps to R. Hmmm.

      Great idea -- very motivating!

    4. Queen Esoterica 81 months ago | reply

      No, I'm right handed. Just observe the way you usually cut: I usually cut with my right hand and hold the veggies with my left, hence cutting right to left...

    5. Katrīna Rasma 76 months ago | reply

      how do you get the bowl out? is there a thumb hole?

    6. Queen Esoterica 76 months ago | reply

      No, no thumb hole. If I had made the hole more accurately, I would have put one in (which wouldn't be too hard), but since I did not make it quite the right size, there is some wiggle room, and thus it's pretty easy to get the bowl out. If you had something really heavy in it, it might be a different story.

    7. absnasm 73 months ago | reply

      Great hack!

      I have no garden either, but I put my food waste into a friend's compost bin anyway, because of the environmental benefits - when food waste goes into landfill, it produces methane, which contributes to climate change. If you compost it, this doesn't happen, plus you get to help out gardening friends and you don't have to take out the rubbish quite as often - always a bonus.

    8. jim06612 50 months ago | reply

      Where did you get this? I'm looking for something just like this.

    9. Queen Esoterica 50 months ago | reply

      Jim, I got the cart from Ikea, but I inset the bowl myself.

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