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Chankanaab Dolphin

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Chankanaab, Cozumel, MX

  1. AnOceanBird 76 months ago | reply

    i actually hate seeing dolphins in a 'zoo'. ... i see them out surfing all the time 'free' and in the wild the interaction is very different then this. they just peek at you and swim on down the coast....... but, but, this kind of sanctuary does enlighten people. they are amazing, aren't they? i'm glad you got to swim with them. and cozumel is gorgeous. mmm the water.

  2. eschipul 76 months ago | reply

    @V!! - you make a great point and our group of eight spent a lot of time discussing that very topic. While the dolphins did seem crazy happy, and the area in the ocean was huge, there are legitimate points both ways.

    One take away we all commented on - these are STUNNINGLY beautiful creatures. Brilliant and amazing. I wasn't expecting to be that moved by them, but boy was I! The word "dolphin" no longer means the same thing to me, and the changes are all good.

  3. michaelcummings 76 months ago | reply

    thats really amazing Ed. I've spent my time feeding the dolphins before, but never have I had the chance to swim with them. I also agree with @V!! that there is something special about them in the wild. We used to ride to boat out off the coast of Hilton Head, SC and 30-40 would just swim along the boat with us.

    I just read the comment on some of the other shots. I was starting to get jealous that you might have an underwater housing for your camera.... :)

  4. Jen's Photography 73 months ago | reply



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