Frost Rock Balancing

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I hope that this short film will give you an idea for how precarious some of these balances are and also an overly-prolonged view of my rear end.

It was a beautiful cold and clear, frosty morning and the slabs of stone were glistening white with hoar frost. What I was attempting to do was build a balance before the sun hit it and then photograph it as the sun first illuminated it before the frost melted. So I had a little pressure to get them upright before the sun hit them but also not too early so they had a chance to fall down before it did.

The first balance I tried consisted of three layers of slabs balanced on rounded pebbles all of which was to sit on top of a single rounded pebble sitting on the slab box. You can see what I was trying to do in the first frames. You will also see that I drop the top layer onto the box, make one of the legs swing round and generally make it quite unstable. I try again only to knock the whole thing over. The sun was gradually creeping up so I had to change tack.

I changed the design to this and got it standing just in time for the sunlight to hit it.

Although I have footage of my slipping over numerous times on the frosted slabs I am not going to show you it!

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  1. escher is still alive 79 months ago | reply

    Thanks everyone. I thought that car going past was cool too. I don't know why though.

    HA: There are a couple of creations that I am amazed are still there from last Autumn. There is an arch and two cairns. The arch I thought would fall down ages ago but just doesn't want to and one of the cairns I was extremely surprised to see again when I went to look a month or so ago. Someone had built some additions to it which I thought was cool. Some of the things I make are extremely fragile and fall part during the photo session. Some I expect to last a few hours but stay up longer (the Robin Hood's Bay stack survived a storm overnight) which is always a surprise. It is not something I can predict and I find it very interesting to go back and see what has happened. The leaf stuff is nearly always dismantled by the wind very quickly. Rock balances very rarely last longer than a few minutes. Two I have done recently survived well beyond my expectations thought as they rocked in the wind quite a lot. Somehow they keep in equilibrium. It is another interesting aspect (for me) of the transience of nature.

  2. Anita Thomhave Simonsen 79 months ago | reply

    it was really interesting to see and I can easily imagine how much work....and what a beautiful place and view and I love the artwork you did...especially the fundament with the one round stone before the horisontal one came onto it...marvelous and so poetic work.....

  3. forgetfulmare1 79 months ago | reply

    are you making any $$ at this? oh well, it's truly art for art's sake. yes, it rocks. :-)) i really enjoyed seeing this against that awesome background.

  4. escher is still alive 79 months ago | reply

    Thanks Anita

    Mary Not earnt a single penny! My first book should be published soon (second one out soon after) so I hope to sell some. But who knows I may sell only two (one for me and one for my mum)!

    Fred Michel Update: I went today to go and see if that cairn was still there that I mentioned. Nope! Completely flattened. Due to the large pile of beer cans and crisp packets I suspect it was helped in its demise especially as it had lasted 6 months plus up to now. I don't mind about that but I wish people would clear their rubbish up after themselves.

  5. HJSP82 79 months ago | reply

    Very interesting to see it getting done.

  6. François le jardinier de Marandon 79 months ago | reply

    "La solitude du cairneur de fond"...
    The Loneliness of the Long Distance Cairner

  7. Pedro M. 79 months ago | reply

    Está muy bien!

  8. rebranca46 79 months ago | reply

    lovely video....I keep it up:-))

  9. joyfmoujan 77 months ago | reply


  10. Pola Lilith 72 months ago | reply

    I like it. It's a meditative video. If you want, this is another "stone"-artist, from Germany, look at:,paul/all/sortierung/datum


  11. escher is still alive 72 months ago | reply

    Hi Pola and thanks. I know Paul, he is one of my regular contacts on Flickr.

  12. forgetfulmare1 72 months ago | reply

    Mums being mums, count on her buying ten. At least.

  13. i n i m i n i 69 months ago | reply

    it adds so much dimention to be able to see the process- thanks for sharing (~_~) it's rather inspiring.

  14. napsack 68 months ago | reply

    your camera gives such good quality videos
    capturing the fog and sun setting:)

  15. fröschl_49 42 months ago | reply

    great, i'm impressed. I love it! I'm a beginner .....

    rock balancing

  16. petter s photo 41 months ago | reply

    Really fascinating!

  17. oskarmarin 37 months ago | reply

    Interesting video..I like the second half. Good tone and ambient.

  18. paperchaos 32 months ago | reply

    Much better when your body isn't blocking the view. Great low sun clips.

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