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    1. skampy 83 months ago | reply

      i wonder if cheese is actua...zzzz. zzzzz. zzzz.

    2. jasonbkessler 83 months ago | reply

      How do I remove the barbeque that's growing out of my cheek? Maybe I can use lasers somehow...

    3. angelcore 83 months ago | reply

      why didnt rob invite alex...I mean she lives right down the street

    4. issafly 83 months ago | reply

      What could the new makeawesome password be? Hmmmm.........

    5. Fenchurch! 83 months ago | reply

      Did I remember to wear pants?

    6. The Director of Cool 83 months ago | reply

      She said I was teh sex, whatever that means...

    7. Lynn Thies 83 months ago | reply

      I wonder how my mother is?

    8. nfrancisco 83 months ago | reply

      I wonder when the other horn on my head is going to grow.

    9. jasonEscapist 83 months ago | reply

      The Director Of Cool is in the lead...

    10. smoovebert 83 months ago | reply

      why are my thoughts rendered web 2.0-like, shaded and drop-shadowed apropos of nothing? i may never know.

    11. gordasm 83 months ago | reply

      Wait a sec...if a train WAS leaving Chicago, heading westbound at 83mph...

    12. mobil'homme 83 months ago | reply

      ceiling cat is watching you masturbate.

    13. jojomelons 83 months ago | reply

      lean pockets?

    14. jenredstar 83 months ago | reply

      should I get a perm?

    15. name change 83 months ago | reply

      this butt plugs better than i thought.....

    16. christy_deena 28 months ago | reply

      Is there life after thought?
      I love this image and it fits my 1/18/12 blog post entitled "What's So Hard About Not Thinking?" perfectly. www.meditationsonbeing.com/blog.html

    17. jasonEscapist 28 months ago | reply

      Thanks, @christy_deena. Please be sure to follow the licensing agreement and provide attribution.

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