A flying laboratory, OPS-SAT is the very first of its kind. With an experimental computer ten times more powerful than any current ESA spacecraft, the 30-cm high cubesat is devoted to demonstrating drastically improved mission control capabilities that will arise when satellites can fly more powerful on-board computers.

Find out more about the mission, and how you could apply to use it to test out your experiment in space.

Note that the OPSSAT camera is not a scientific instrument per se; it's a 'representative instrument' to provide the mission's on board software with a fully responsive test environment, reacting as a real 'scientific' camera would on a typical mission.

The images are not calibrated not processed in any significant way, and are not intended for research or any other use.

We're posting them here as a courtesy and to support public outreach - and because they are cool snapshots from space!

If anyone has an inspired idea and can propose a way to use them for a scientific/educational purpose, we'd be delighted to hear - do not hesitate to contact the OPSSAT team (opssat1.esoc.esa.int/).

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