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Mirror | by ej - light spectrum
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“Behold, my brothers, the spring has come; the Earth has received the embraces of the sun and we shall soon see the results of that love! Every seed has awakened and so has all animal life. It is through this mysterious power that we too have our being; and we, therefore, yield to our neighbors, even our animal neighbors, the same right as ourselves, to inhabit this land.”

—Sitting Bull


It was for me the most memorable, most impressive moment in Canada, when I saw this wonder of nature in the early morning light. This unique pearl of creation radiates beauty and power. A power that fascinates and makes me calm in my heart. The mental balance and inner peace that I have sought so much in places like these. Just stand there and marvel at the beauty of our planet. I wanted that, I did that for a while. I found a quiet and peaceful place, from which I had a beautiful view of the mountain lake. I was alone there and could enjoy the breathtaking atmosphere.


A vision, a dream?


I stood there and was amazed how beautiful the world can be. It was like a movie that came before my eyes, watching native people gliding peacefully across the lake in their canoe, with no engine noise, just listening to the silence of nature and the sound of the paddle in the water. I still have the vision in front of me when I look at the image right now.

A peaceful world? A world in which one tries to understand the "stranger", the unknown, to listen to him and to learn something about him?


As a mirror of the interior, the beauty of nature can change our hearts. I feel so safe and peaceful in my heart when I can be in nature, near the One who created these miracles.


I'm back now and I'm happy to tell you that all is fine with me. The inner fire for my photography is back !!! I thank my dear friends here so much for their patience with me. I was overwhelmed by the many lovely comments I received in my absence. I got true and loyal friends which meens so much to me. More than I can express. Such a precious and wonderful gift. I am so deeply touched in my heart.


To the picture: Lake Moraine – Banff Nationalpark – Canada.


This landscape image was taken early in the morning under dreamlike conditions. It will make probably the end of my Canada series. I hope you had a little joy with my work of photography. Thank you so much for your attention.


“The biggest events are not the loudest but our quietest hours.”


Sting – Fragile


My favorite movie. Please share with me this wonderful music and maby you will find the time to watch this precious film. It is worth it.

John Dunbar Theme - Dances with Wolves

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Taken on September 15, 2017