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EROS 2010 Hopper

Freestyle, painted in 2010 at a local yard layup. Painted with an up and coming Minnesota fr8 King known as, Hbak. This was the second fr8 I painted for the night. A rarity. I seldom do more then one fr8 in a yard at a time. This night was a good one and I was really glad that I was able to do a second piece. Sometimes, I wish I did more then one a night. I think by the second piece, my style tends to get a little looser and my lines a little tighter. Unfortunately, I usually am pretty tired or bored with painting by the end of a piece and want to just call it a night. Call it, "Old Man Syndrome". lol. Anyway, this was a new experience for the two of us. We had never painted together before and didn't really know much about how the other one works in a yard. Luckily for both of us, we worked similar and efficiently, so there was no problem. Except when we perused for the second car to rock. We both spotted this beautiful, freshly painted, UP. It was clean, real clean but it was short, real short. Not big enough for the two of us to get on it together and E to E that bitch. I quickly claimed it. I know he wasn't too happy about giving it up but was a total gentlemen about it. I'm sure he gave it up out of respect for the "Old Schooler". Either way, I was very appreciative and we searched out and found another car equally as nice and he was cool with rocking that one. When all was said and done, he ended up with 3 trains to my 2 for the night. Right as we were about to take our flicks, sure as shit and without warning, the railroad decided to pull the line in deeper into the yard. I snapped off a few shots of our pieces while running along the train and we were out. All in all, one of the good nights. Much Respect to Hbak for lookin' out for me and hooking me up with a fresh line to rock. Someday, I will repay him back with a hot lead on a fresh car. Lookin' forward to rocking more in the future. Good Nights!

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Taken on February 9, 2009