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Atlanta Homeless (updated)

"You are looking at the face of a VERY unhappy man" Those were his words to me.


I am always interested in hearing stories of Homeless people in Atlanta. Something in my heart always wants to offer them whatever I have in my pockets. Sure, there are a lot that might go spend it on drugs, etc. But, there are also the one’s that are just trying to get food, shelter, etc. It kills me to see how society looks at them as “trash”.


This man did not even approach me, I approached him. He was walking around with a blanket on his back. I asked, “Have you been able to keep warm at night?” He said, “Man, I am freezing to death out here, and no one cares either”. We talked about other things. He said he was working for a company in Detroit; came down here for better work, made some bad choices and is now homeless.


He said he was also a Vietnam Vet. Now, My Dad was in Vietnam, so I do know a little about the war. He said he in the U.S. Army's 3rd Battalion, 21st Infantry in 1968. (Something about a fight in Nhi Ha. I wrote that down so I would remember it.)


He also told me that he asked a man for a cup of coffee about a week ago and the man spit in his face. Can you believe that? Someone that fought for our Country getting spit at in the face. What does that say about our Country?


Before I left, I bought him about $10 worth of snacks, and refilled my soda and gave it to him. It made him smile. He said that “it’s people like me that make him want to keep on going, to try to get out the situation he is in”.


Like I said, I know there are people out there hustling for $ on the streets. But it’s good to keep in mind that we all came from the same place, and everyone deserves to be treated with respect.


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Taken on February 13, 2008