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Sparky's Music Mixup

Perhaps you know a little boy like Sparky. (Or maybe a girl!) He loves music but he tires of first one instrument, then the other. And if he keeps on, he won't be able to play any instrument well, when he is older.

Sparky was just that kind of a boy. He was doing very well on piano, until...well, somehow the violin was so much more exciting that he kept after his parents to buy him one.

Then Sparky had a wonderful dream; his parents did buy him a violin. And after that, when he wanted a clarinet, they bought him that too, as well as a glittering trumpet, that he could play in the band!

Yes Sparky had all the instruments he wanted. And he could play a little bit on each one; but not well enough to be entertaining. His friends who had been practicing on one instrument were really outstanding by that time, and poor Sparky couldn't even play a good second fiddle. He realized then, too late, what a sad mistake he had made.

Of course, it all winds up on a happy note, with Sparky glad to be back at his piano. It's a story that any little boy (or girl!) will enjoy...and it's a lesson that they will remember!

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Taken on May 18, 2008