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    The Dog Of War

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    1. Davezissou 50 months ago | reply

      Mike Allred was telling me how big your originals for the Madman Monster strip were yesterday and now I'm curious about how big everything is.

    2. Bruno DINELLI 50 months ago | reply

      great art....really great

    3. el 'Steban 50 months ago | reply

      Saw the original at comicon yesterday. It's stunning up close. The ink wash is a great effect.

    4. fengschwing 50 months ago | reply

      Love how you've made the astro-harness look like a dirty great engine.

    5. mattdicke 50 months ago | reply

      would have been cool to see your take on Orion in your Solo book. Were you thinking of that at the time or now?

    6. ernest.borg9 50 months ago | reply

      I've tried to get a number of different Kirby 70s projects off the ground with DC and Marvel at various times, there have been many near-misses. At various times, it was Demon, Hulk, Machine Man, Forever People...also Kamandi, with Azzarello....(we had a great story in mind).... I asked for 4th World for Wednesday Comics, but they had a list for me they wanted me to choose from (Adam Strange was my idea....Dr. Fate and Doom Patrol were the alternates)...I chose OMAC for Solo since I had an idea for how to re-vision it as the dream sequence from Lynch's film Fire Walk With Me.

      At the end of the day, Battling Boy is my take of how Kirby approached his more personal, far-out works from the 70s.

    7. aziritt 50 months ago | reply

      This really kick ass!!!

    8. mattdicke 50 months ago | reply

      thanks for the reply
      yeah i think your take on Kamandi would have been great. There were rumors, It is a shame it didn't get green lit.
      I can see the kirby in Battling boy and it is probably better off that it is your property anyway.
      any news on the release date for BB?

    9. fengschwing 50 months ago | reply

      ernest.borg9 I loves me some Machine Man...

    10. daimos777 50 months ago | reply

      this would make an awesome poster print!!

    11. amandasaorta 48 months ago | reply

      Inspired by your artwork, the style, emotion, movement... :)

    12. daimos777 48 months ago | reply

      very interesting handle there, "amandas aorta".. as in part of the heart aorta?

    13. amandasaorta 37 months ago | reply

      *got it... artery stemming from the chambers of the heart, branching out to supply blood to the entire body

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