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    Unpublished 2 panel sequence from my OMAC origin story from Solo #3. My "cover" of the Jack Kirby original.

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    1. ARTofCOOP 43 months ago | reply

      OMAC is one of my favorite Kirby creations.

    2. ARTofCOOP 43 months ago | reply

      Now I want your "cover" of Big Barda!

    3. diegogerlach 43 months ago | reply

      'solo' was my first contact with all things pope-y. i still havent recovered completely.

    4. Ales Kot 43 months ago | reply

      Beautiful stuff.

    5. tozo zozo 43 months ago | reply

      nice! panel two did end up in the page-- redrawn?

      always interested in editing methods in comics, since it's one of trickier mediums to do it in, after the thought

    6. William Joseph Dunn 43 months ago | reply

      I really loved your OMAC strip in Solo. I wish you did more.

      I re-read Kirby's OMAC stuff for an episode of Brave and Bold I was working on not too long ago and reading it now, what struck me (other than the fact that it was gloriously weird) is how many future concepts Kirby stumbled upon back then. A book really ahead of it's time.

    7. repose 43 months ago | reply

      OMAC's Mohawk + sideburns = badass.

      Another Kirby invention?

    8. ernest.borg9 43 months ago | reply

      Thanks guys...Tozo-- I think I was having an issue with the direction of the panel, it needed to be reversed so we're looking with Omac to the right side rather than left. Looking left takes us back into the page rather than out of it....this was right at the time when DC started requesting their comics had digital lettering, it took a bit of time to work out empty space in the panel for lettering...these would've been cluttered panels once the balloons were dropped in.

    9. rrooyyccee 43 months ago | reply

      nice gristle

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