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    Three aspects of Fantomas, Belphagor, and Irma Vep.

    French super-criminals from the early 1900s.

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    1. fengschwing 85 months ago | reply

      Oh, now this is wonderful! I keep meaning to read some Fantomas, he sounds like a facsinating character...

    2. wendypants 85 months ago | reply

      irma vep! one of the best anagrams.

    3. zeitgeist failure 85 months ago | reply

      Because Fantomas is in the public domain, Grant Morrison was able to incorporate him into his New X-Men stories, which were fantastic.

    4. TV1 85 months ago | reply


    5. fengschwing 85 months ago | reply

      Fantomas or Fantomex? He was more of a tribute to Diabolik with a nod to Fantomas...

    6. ernest.borg9 85 months ago | reply

      I've been doing a lot of research on these characters for my upcoming book LA BIONICA. The French practically invented the super-criminal (and I use that term differently from super-villain)...

    7. peppermint kiss kiss 85 months ago | reply

      These are wonderful! I'm very curious about the European "super-criminals" and I love the Les vampires serial and the Irma Vep film, so I look forward to LA BIONICA.

    8. ernest.borg9 84 months ago | reply

      Diabolik is basically Fantomas redux except that for the important distinction that Diabolik only hunts other criminals-- Fantomas killed indescriminately.

      Interestingly, Diabolik was created by two Italian sisters who wrote and drew the series. From what I;'ve read, they seemed to have regarded the work as trashy pulp-- like how some American cartoonists from the old days seemed to regard a lot of their work-- "drek".

    9. Nick Derington 78 months ago | reply

      Don't forget Fritz Lang's early super-crime serial "Der Spinnen" aka "The Spiders" and "Mabuse- The gambler" for some important early super-criminal influence.

      I do love me some euro super crime stuff. Can't wait to see what you got cooking in this vein of fiction.

    10. ernest.borg9 78 months ago | reply

      I llove Der Spinnen-- one of my faves. It was the Imra Veppish villainess in that film which led me along the path of charting the character archetypes...

    11. shadow27 78 months ago | reply

      Just read Alan Moore's Black Dossier. Reading up on Fantomas (as well as Nyctalope) brought me right back to your take on him.

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