Neanderthal Silhouette

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this was taken at the original place of the first findings of the neanderthal men...
to be found at:
the red/white poles in the background mark the place where the bones were found

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  1. Indiewench 107 months ago | reply

    i see a face.

  2. erix! 107 months ago | reply

    ...and an elbow, obviously.
    btw, - do you have any german ancestors?

  3. Indiewench 107 months ago | reply

    we are not very germanexcept for the english blood (anglo saxon)
    ... irish, scotttish and a soupcon of french.
    we have been in north america since the early 1600's.
    but who knows what sort of cross-breeding went on
    in old europe when they were all invading one another's turf.

  4. erix! 107 months ago | reply

    that's a good point! I wish more cross-breeding would have taken place, so the goddarned racism would stop. or would it?
    they'd probably find something else to discriminate each other, bloody human race...
    (I was just asking because I somehow felt you had an almost self-ironic approach against goodold Germany)

  5. wutzi 107 months ago | reply

    ein neandertalerförmiges loch im universum...

  6. getthebubbles 107 months ago | reply

    great shot!
    would you like to add it to the Pictures Through Holes group?

  7. Bim Bom 107 months ago | reply

    Excellent contribution to "Museum World"! Thank you!

  8. dmarsh451 107 months ago | reply

    congratulations--please post this here
    you have an extra delete.

  9. erix! 107 months ago | reply

    I knew he survived somewhere...

  10. The Glass Eye 106 months ago | reply

    Fantastic - please odd this to the Keyholes group.

  11. erix! 106 months ago | reply

    why not...

  12. JerseyFloridaGirl75 [deleted] 106 months ago | reply

    interesting shot

  13. zimpenfish 47 months ago | reply

    Wow, Neanderthals had funny shaped (and huge) penises, eh?

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