3d pan white


This is what's over the couch in our living room.




+ butterfly net on sale for less than $1 at Hobby Lobby.


::crate on the left::

+ old 7-up soda crate (i call it pop, but in this case it's soda, haha)

+ creature postcard by ashley goldberg

+ felt butterfly from hobby lobby.

+ skeletal card from a vendor in virginia.

+ 2 circle tags from the lovely bugheart.

+ butterfly on wood by me.

+ wooden deer and bear figurines from a gift shop in wilmot, wi called pollyanna's.

+ votive holder from target; on sale, of course.

+ corn stalks and animal hole on wood, by me.


::crate on the right::

+ old royal crown soda crate.

+ pine tree print by me- my first and only screen print.

+ girl figurine from japan, sent by my wonderful penpal chelle.

+ go for a hike by dawn of dawbis.

+ vintage german trim, small piece from a big roll i have.

+ yellow vase from a thrift store

+ postcard by alicia bock

+ butterflies behind glass from aruba.


Okay, I think that's everything!

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Taken on April 4, 2008