garden grub 49:120 :: 50 lbs of seconds

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    since our tomatoes haven't done much (though we finally have a few pinkish romas and slicers!) i convinced tex that we should buy fifty pounds of seconds from a farm down the road. he was dubious about spending the money but agreed to it anyway, knowing how much his wife loves tomatoes and canning tomatoes. i wanted to make something we'd truly use up throughout the year, and figured i'd save the "fun" recipes (salsa, jam, etc) for any tomatoes that do make their way out of the garden. anyway, none of the seconds were paste (i knew that going into it), so when cooked down to a slightly runny form they filled 18 pint jars. cost-effective? not entirely, since i could buy a 28 oz of store-brand crushed tomatoes for $0.95. but local, delicious, and satisfying? hell yeah.

    ps - one of my other canning photos made it onto the canning across america website today!

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    1. interchangeableparts 54 months ago | reply

      Whoa! That's a lot of tomatoes! Also, congratulations on the Canning Across America link!

      -- Pk.

    2. interchangeableparts 54 months ago | reply

      Congrats on being a total fancy-pants, you superstar! And I'm glad you got some canned tomatoes out of this summer -- sure they're not necessarily hugely cost effective, but they're fun and help you feel more wholesome!


    3. breadninja 54 months ago | reply

      I loved this shot from the moment I saw it in the thumbnails :)
      I do the same thing, make plain canned from anything I have (brandywines often go in there since they are so gigantic). And then the specialized ones go in salsa etc. And remember not to compare to the store brand, these are more like the schmancy 5-dollar gourmet jars, dontcha know?

    4. These Days in French Life 54 months ago | reply

      and they look gorgeous!!!!!!!!!

    5. |erin| 54 months ago | reply

      Pookie & Schnookie Pk: even though it looks like a lot, we could easily be through this stash by january! so i'll have to ration it a bit.
      Pookie & Schnookie Schn: they totally make me feel wholesome - and a little hoarder-ish. i don't wanna share them with anybody! well, except for tex....maybe. :D
      breadninja thanks! and you're totally right....this isn't your run-of-the-mill mass-produced stuff - this is small-batch artisan fancy schmancy. :)
      These Days in French Life thank you! i roasted them, so that added a nice depth of color and flavor.

    6. leedav 54 months ago | reply

      How could I not fave this shot??

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