garden grub 37:120 :: carrot jalapeno relish

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    i used 3 lbs of the garden carrots to make this relish from tart and sweet. it gets raw packed, so i can't report back on taste yet, but i am so excited to try it out. i will do my best to wait patiently a few weeks before breaking a jar open. :)

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    1. NessieNoodle 31 months ago | reply

      what do you use this on/with? sounds yummy.

    2. interchangeableparts 31 months ago | reply

      See, this is the kind of picture that last year made me go, "I need to can, so I can line my pretty jars of awesomeness on a sunny windowsill..." And I never seem to have jars of awesomeness and a sunny windowsill in the same place. Heh. Anyway, I am completely intrigued by this recipe -- it looks fantastic! ::stares pointedly at the inert bed supposedly growing carrots in our garden right now::


    3. |erin| 31 months ago | reply

      i'm picturing it on burgers, tacos, grilled chicken, sandwiches, paninis in the winter, etc. basically just something to liven up a meal.
      yeah, the sunny windowsill is only good for stuff like this. dark jams and the like? not so much. and i'll send some good carrot vibes your way. :)

    4. kdstutzman 31 months ago | reply

      Beautiful! And it looks delicious.

    5. leedav 31 months ago | reply

      Next house I am totally making sure I have at least a few sunny window sills!!

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