Cutest Koala

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    This cute baby koala was shot in Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, QLD, Australia.

    Learn about Koalas:
    The Koala (Phascolarctos cinereus) is a thickset arboreal marsupial herbivore native to Australia, and the only extant representative of the family Phascolarctidae.

    The Koala is found in coastal regions of eastern and southern Australia, from near Adelaide to the southern part of Cape York Peninsula. Populations also extend for considerable distances inland in regions with enough moisture to support suitable woodlands. The Koalas of South Australia were largely exterminated during the early part of the 20th century, but the state has since been repopulated with Victorian stock. The Koala is not found in Tasmania or Western Australia.

    Koala on Wikipedia

    Contrary to (un)popular belief: A koala is NOT a bear!

    The US Government have declared the koala a threatened species, however the Australian Government has not. A review of the species national conservation status concluded that the koala are not threatened at a national scale, with a population that numbers in the hundreds of thousands

    As with most native Australian animals, the Koala cannot legally be kept as a pet in Australia without a permit.

    About this photo

    This was my first photo in Flickr Explore! Check this photo's Explore history.
    Highest recorded Explore: 16 on Saturday, March 29, 2008!

    It is currently the number one hit if you search for "koala" on Flickr, and the number one google-hit for "cutest koala". I get a LOT of views for this one, so thanks goes out to each and ever one of you for having a look at it!

    It is currently used as one of several illustrative photos on the Wikipedia article on Koalas.

    -Added to the Cream of the Crop pool as most interesting.

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    1. Nené ƸӜƷ (ausente) 61 months ago | reply

      Simply ADORABLE!!!!!!!!CUTEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!
      ****INSECTOS Y ANIMALES **** :-)


    2. excellentzebu1050 61 months ago | reply

      ****INSECTOS Y ANIMALES **** :-)


    3. abedul14 61 months ago | reply

      ****INSECTOS Y ANIMALES **** :-)


    4. M a n d i (not around much) [deleted] 61 months ago | reply

      that's just too adorable!

    5. The Pange 60 months ago | reply

      Gosh,,,ya gotta love that sweet little face!!!

    6. Apollo Tom 59 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Real animals that look like toys, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    7. carolynfrisbie 59 months ago | reply

      Oh my gosh, is that baby adorable. I love it!

    8. kiran1* 58 months ago | reply

      Wow.......... Very nice picture. It is looks pretty cute.Really amazing. I just love it.
      Currumbin Sanctuary

    9. ximenarocks [deleted] 58 months ago | reply

      Awwww, soo Fluffy :) and cute!

    10. @jessxalves [deleted] 56 months ago | reply

      this's got to be the cutest thing ever!

    11. Meerkat15 55 months ago | reply

      Absolutely wonderful shot.

    12. edwindejongh 54 months ago | reply

      Ahhhh. Pictured one today. Urs is a baby! Fantastic.

    13. adamlevy41 52 months ago | reply

      we'd love to have this pic in cutepets4charity/

    14. crazymv12 50 months ago | reply

      not only is this koala the most adorable i have ever seen, but it truly is a magnificent capture!

    15. mlhradio 50 months ago | reply

      Congratulations on receiving more than 25,000 views, that's quite impressive! You might want to consider graduating this photograph from the 'Views: 10000' group to the 'Views: 25,000' group, which can be found here:

      Once again, congratulations and hopefully your photos will receive many more views in the future!

    16. icecreampup99 45 months ago | reply

      awww adorable! really great shot i love it!

    17. Anni with-camera 17 months ago | reply

      Congratulations on a wonderful shot.!

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