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    Pop's memorial service

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    1. The Round Peg ages ago | reply

      The moment you captured is very nice, the colors are very interesting and in line with the caption...
      ...what I am missing is a different framing. I feel that you cut many things. It does not "ruin" the photo itself, but I would have loved to see the photo without so many crops.

      Good job!

    2. accurate hall [deleted] ages ago | reply

      Yes, a nice moment that you captured with the two looks on the book, and the small hand on the man's shoulder. The man pay attention to the boy, we can feel it through the shot. The light on the boy's face gives harmony to this lovely scene.
      But I also agree with Carlo Nicora, that's a pitty that the man's head and boy's left arm are cutted. The colors of the back grown don't me suit very much too. I would prefer not from the top, but maybe from the down, near the book. It stays a really cute picture after all.

    3. smooth measure [deleted] ages ago | reply

      I agree, you have captured a sweet moment. Something that will be remembered forever in their minds - and this capture will enhance it. Your foreground colors are sharp and well done. They really jump out at me. But there is something about the background colors that seem off. Almost like they were taken with a different camera. The porch wood, the trees, the leaves - all have a strange yellow/green hue about them that doesn't exist in the foreground. I don't know if this is caused by the sun being just off the right shoulder of the older gentleman? Actually, looking closer, the hue does seem to bleed into his hair a bit too. I think playing with the curves of this photo would clean that up without killing the colors / hues in the foreground.

      As for composition - I think the two subjects are framed well. Balance is thrown off by the camera angle a bit. (unless that post is crooked) I think a straight up and down shot would have worked just as well. But this is just my 2 cents. It also works as is - so I don't want to take anything away from that. Their expressions are priceless. You can barely make out the little boys hand on his dad/granddad's shirt, and I love that little touch. I would love to see a shot from another angle, focusing on that loving touch.

      Very great moment you captured! Well done.

    4. KarolusLinus ages ago | reply

      This is a very sweet shot! As a teacher i appreciate it a lot that also out of school kids can learn things with the ones they love. Not every kid has that luck. Unfortunately enough.
      Clean shot but i would have liked the whole book on the foreground and it's a pity that the head is cut off a bit.

    5. .Chris.K ages ago | reply

      this is a great capture of a beautiful moment. you;ve managed to actually capture the exposure very well indeed. you were pushing it uphill with the bright lights comingthru the trees. that could easily have tricked you into either blowing the whites altogether or controlling the whites and underexposing the people. as it is you;ve achieved an excellent comprimise...not easy to do in that lighting.

      i love the fact that there is natural light shining onto the book and onto the boys face. it gives the photo a significance. not only has the photographer caught the moment, but the sunlight has also noticed, its a nice touch.

      the compositon with the boy touching his pop's shoulder is very sweet indeed and is something that you will remember for years and years to come.

      technically the composition isnt great of course, you already know that. i think a landscape composition would have caught more of the image and the moment itself. the imporant thing is that the memory of the moment is intact to live forever.

    6. Erik K Veland ages ago | reply

      Thank you every one who commented!

      The composition is not perfect of course, but in situations like this you can only work with so much without becoming too intruding (and thus ruining the moment) with your camera. I had several shots of this loving motif (and I really knew that it was a good one when I shot it), but each had their flaws - as so often happens. This one just happened to be the one with the least flaws of them all. The lesser of several evils as it so were.

      I am hesitant to put up "family photos" as they rarely tell a story to anyone outside of the "family" in question. But I thought this one might have some interest beyond that. I am glad that so many of you enjoyed it despite its obvious flaws. I thank you.

    7. Jean-Paul J ages ago | reply

      Sorry for the delay in posting a comment for this image - what can I say of it? I like people pics very much (as you can assertain from my photostream) and this is yet another excellent people image. I love how the lighting hits the young boy's face in such a unique way - it shows the youthful inquistivness very well. I like the very nice family feel I get from this image as well (especially that watchful eye of the boy's grandfather). Colour-wise, this image is wonderful: the colours are warm, happy and varied - a good aspect for photos of children. Finally, here comes the time for criticism: your image has only one shortcoming, which was already explored in previous posts - your crop of the image was a poor choice (and if you didn't crop it then your framing was poor) - quite frankly, it would have been nice if you hadn't amputated the elderly gentleman's arm (and if he does really have an amputated arm, please excuse me for any offence).

      Nonetheless, criticism aside, allow me to congratulate you for this wonderful image (which, incidentally, now is a favourite pic!)

    8. Erik K Veland ages ago | reply

      The framing was poor from the start (my apologies, I zoomed in too far with a telephoto as to not disturb the situations) and I've only cropped to try and help the composition. The "grandfather" (actually uncle if I understand my gf's family correctly) had a sandwich in his "amputated" arm which detracted too much from the whole scene so it needed to be cropped out.

    9. dalinean ages ago | reply

      This award acknowledges the high quality of your comments on the five photos in the "Life Thru A Lenz" photostream following this post. Thank you very much. We value your contribution to the group.

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