City of Cities 2 - CoC2
he fotos in this series is from at Danish LARP (Live Action Role Playing) event called City of Cities 2.
The idea and setting of the LARP takes place in a post apocalytic future. Only a few have survived and every second year the different tribes/gangs meet to trade and to fight in a game called Jugger.
Jugger is a game that resembles a mix of the old Mayan Ball Game and american football. The players wear padding and helmets for security. In the five days City of Cities is on Jugger teams are eliminated when they loose and a few players end up in the local hospital.
The Jugger game is often played in the night time.
As with any LARP participants in City of Cities are dressed to the occasion. Many inspired from the old Mad Max movies and other post apocalyptic movies, books and comics.
In the day time teams/tribes/gangs rob each other or trade and a lot of people just hang out and have a good time.
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