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Unless you are in a Wheelchair... (#MetroFAIL)

...or otherwise need an elevator, because there is no elevator at the Hope Street Portal. Unfortunately, LACMTA is about to lock these turnstiles and the ADA-compliant faregate at this (like all of them) unstaffed station.


This will mean that while a wheelchair user can exit the station, they will then find themselves trapped in the ticket lobby in the background and will need to pay another fare at the Ticket Vending Machines(TVMs) to get to another exit from the station that has an elevator to the surface.


Taken at 7th Street/Metro Center Station which serves both the Blue and Expo Light Rail Lines and the Red and Purple HRT/Subway lines.


There is no free transfer between lines on LACMTA, but no turnstiles have been built between the HRT/Subway platform and the Light Rail platform, only RFID-card reader "stanchions".


So persons wishing to transfer from the Red to the Purple Line must either go up one level to the stanchions on the Light Rail Platform, or, like those transferring between the Blue/Expo/Red/Purple lines, leave the fare paid area to get a new ticket from the TVMs in the background.


UPDATE: It has been brought to my attention that LACMTA may argue, as it has in the past, that the Blue Line is not subject to the ADA as it was approved and built before 1990:


"Metro attorney James Reiss maintained during the trial that the transit agency was not bound by a federal Americans With Disabilities Act section enacted shortly after the Blue Line began operating in 1990,"




PLEASE NOTE!: According to Metro's security contractor, any camera use on LACMTA property is considered "Surveiling for Terrorists". I will not be held responsible if you take/bring a camera on LACMTA property and end up being detained, arrested or jailed.

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Taken on June 3, 2012