Black Out Day: Stop NY Mandates on Vaccination
New York, NY - Parents stood up against State politicians for their attempts to strip them of their rights over their children. Many pulled their children out of school on December 5, 2019 and held a rally outside Governor Andrew Cuomo's offices in Manhattan to stand in solidarity against the controversial bills being proposed that would allow children to be vaccinated with STD vaccines such as GARDASIL without parental knowledge or consent.

NYC parents are standing in solidarity against a number of bad bills looking to make HPV and annual flu shots mandatory for school and a bill that would allow for HPV shots without parental knowledge or consent.

The most threatening bill is S3899a (Krueger, D-Upper Eastside), and A973a (Paulin, D-Scarsdale) which would allow minors to get vaccines for hepatitis B at any age, and Gardasil (human papilloma virus) at age nine without parental knowledge or consent.

Bill S298b (Hoylman-D-Westside)/A2912 (Paulin-D-Scarsdale), will require all seventh graders in the state to get Merck’s Gardasil, in order to attend school.

Bill S2776 (Hoylman-D-Westside)/ A2316 (Dinowitz-D-Riverdale) will require annual flu vaccines for all children in the state in order to attend daycare or preschool and K-12.

Krueger has no children of her own, but puts great energy into dictating how you raise your children and taking away your parental rights. She is the author of bill S3899a, which allows minors to get vaccines for hepatitis B at any age and Gardasil (HPV) at age nine, without parental knowledge or consent.

This means any time your children are out of your sight (Doctor’s office are starting to push parents out of the appointments to meet with children only) they can give this to them legally and you would never know. Schools with health clinics are already preparing strategies and deployment methods to ensure high rates of uptake of HPV amongst school children. Sen. Krueger also has co-sponsored Sen. Hoylman’s mandatory flu shot bill.

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