Copwatcher Jose LaSalle demands police accountability
Bronx, NY - Police accountability advocates gathered in front of the Bronx DA office in solidarity with Copwatcher Jose LaSalle as he demands that Bronx DA Darcel Clark re-open an investigation on the officers who perjured themselves to falsified charges against Jose LaSalle followed by a march to the PSA 7 precinct and demand that the officers involved are fired. The city and the NYPD agreed to pay LaSalle $860,000 on a settlement.

In the summer of 2016, activist Jose LaSalle was arrested after he recorded video of police stopping and frisking two men in the Bronx. On a secret recording by LaSalle, NYPD officers in the PSA 7 stationhouse can be heard cheering and accusing him of having committed a felony. His lawyer said the city and the NYPD agreed to pay LaSalle $860,000 after he accused the police of false arrest, imprisonment, and conspiracy.

LaSalle has been videotaping police officers since 2011 to document any misconduct. He began wearing body cameras long before the Police Department outfitted officers with them. He said officers claimed he had a police scanner and even joked that they should hit him with a gun charge.

Police Officers in question and their settlements:
* Sgt. Miguel Frias - has cost tax payers; $ 940,000
* PO Elvis Duran - has cost tax payers; $ 1,125,000
* PO Feliz Baez - has cost tax payers; $ 860,000
* Lieut. Tejera - has cost tax payers; $ 935,000
* Lieut. Eric Dyme - has cost tax payers; $ 1,088,000
* DI. Jerry O'sullivan - has cost tax payers; $ 860,000
* Chief. Larry Nukidun - has cost tax payers; $ 860,000

PSA 7 - has cost taxpayers Millions of dollars and still have lawsuits pending.

Federal Lawsuits Since 2015 by case name, yearand outcome:
* Jeffrey v. City of New York et al 2018 Pending
* Ford v. The City of New York et al 2018 Pending
* Slater v. City of New York 2018 Pending
* Thomas v. City of New York 2018 Pending
* Perez et al v. Holland et al 2015 Pending
* Williams v. The City of New York et al2015 Pending

The Bronx community is also asking Bronx DA Darcel Clark to resign for helping police falsified charges against Copwatcher Jose LaSalle. Also for helping the NYPD criminalize civilians from the Bronx community.

1st Arrest:
* Precinct: PSA 7 (Jose LaSalle was falsely arrested for video recording a Stop & Frisk)
* Arresting Officers: Sgt. Miguel Frias, P.O. Felix Baez, Elvis Duran
* Location: Patterson Houses. (Front of 325 East 143rd Street)
* Date: 8/5/16
* Time: Approx. 10:40 pm
* 8/6/16 - “ADA (Nicole Fitzpatrick) declined to prosecute and charges were dropped.”
* 8/6/16 – Approximately 9:00 Pm Jose LaSalle is released without seeing a judge from the Bronx Bookings.

2nd Arrest:
* Precinct: PSA 7 (NYPD wanted LaSalle's cell phone because LaSalle had recordings that incriminated police.
* Arresting Officers: Deputy Inspector Jerry P. O’Sullivan, Lt. Eric Dym, Lt. Tejeda, Sgt. Badge #1857
* Location: Crown Diner (79 East 161st Street, Bronx NY)
* Date: 8/6/16
* Time: 9:30 pm

Note: Deputy Inspector “Jerry P. O’Sullivan” Made a personal call to PBBX Assistance Chief “Larry P. Nikunen” and Nikunen made a call to the Bronx DA “Darcel Clark” and told her he believes the ADA (Nicole Fitzpatrick) who decline to prosecute “Jose LaSalle” was inexperienced and made a mistake. The charges against “Jose LaSalle” was reinstated and LaSalle was rearrested.

Bronx Integrity Unit: Jose LaSalle false arrest was being investigated by the following members;

* Jean T. Walsh (Chief Investigation Division)
* Peter Kennedy (ADA)
* Gary Lee Hedner (ADA)
* Wanda Parez. Maldonado (Chief P.I.U)

Jean T. Walsh said that Bronx DA Darcel Clark said that she was not going to prosecute the officer because dismissing the False Charges against Jose LaSalle was enough.

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