Occupy Wall Street 7th Anniversary
New York, NY - Activists gathered on September 17, 2018 in downtown Manhattan for 7th year celebration of Occupy Wall Street's influence on current politics and various activism groups throughout the city, state and nation, with a press conference at 11am on the Steps of Zuccotti Park. Teach ins, as well as other activities throughout the day.

The quest to end the political corporate agenda in the age of Trump continues. How Occupy’s important influence has affected modern urban activism today will be explored, with lessons for the future.


It is the 10th Anniversary of the 2008 Financial Crisis and 7 years since OWS took to the streets in New York City, creating mass action that spread across the globe and rocked the established system--the entitled 1%, to its very core. And although much was achieved, there is still much to be achieved.

So much so, that here we find ourselves in 2018 with an even larger fight to maintain our most basic freedoms, concerning affordable housing, saving small businesses, livable wages, an increased minimum wage, the fight to abolish ICE, money out of politics, campaign finance reform, student debt, universal healthcare, voting rights reforms, etc.

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