Nationwide Vigil to Confront Corruption and Demand Democracy
New York, NY - Joining fellow Americans in 70+ cities across the country, concerned citizens in New York City gathered in Times Square on July 18, 2018, at the Confront Corruption and Demand Democracy rally and vigil, to demand accountability from elected officials and confront corruption while bolstering our democracy nationwide.

America’s democracy is under increasing attack and citizens will gather in public spaces to take it back. From attacks on the rule of law to conflicts of interest, ethics violations and the flagrant abuse of government offices for personal gain, the corruption of the American government by the President, his associates and many in his party has reached a new, profound low. America’s citizens will be called to action to stand vigil for democracy, and show support for a broad range of reforms to fix our broken republic.

Officials are trading on the power invested in our institutions for personal and financial gain rather than for the welfare of the American people. From attacks on the Russia investigation to ethics scandals in the highest offices in the land, we must reject attempts to shield corruption from political consequences, public scrutiny, and legal accountability.

These issues are on top of years of challenges to the basic health of our democracy: from money in politics to attempts to shape congressional districts to manipulate outcomes and laws written intentionally to exclude voters from participating in our democracy.

Events Are Designed to Elevate the Importance of Protecting the Mueller Investigation, Confront the Corruption of the Current Administration, and Demand a Democracy that Works for Everyone. Additionally, the Vigils are Part of a Broader Fight Against a Compromised Supreme Court, and Threats to Roe v. Wade and the Affordable Care Act.

This event is a grassroots, rapid-response event that did not feature speeches or amplified sound. Singers and musicians lead the crowd into songs followed by a moment of silence, a moment of solemnity to contemplate the scale of the problems we face as a country, and a moment to collect our resolve to face them.

Participants were joined by the following coalitions: Empire State Indivisible, Indivisible Nation BK, Rise and Resist, Indivisible Brooklyn, Action Group Network, Four Freedoms Democratic Club, Caring for Us Indivisible and March for Truth.

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