Zephyr Teachout announces bid for Attorney General
New York, NY - Anti-corruption fighter, author, and constitutional law scholar Zephyr Teachout officially launched her campaign for Attorney General of the State of New York on June 5, 2018 outside Trump Tower, assuring Donald Trump won't hold any Get Out of Jail Free cards for people he might want to protectively pardon, and who have violated New York law.

Standing at the epicenter of the Trump empire, Teachout outlined a four-pillared platform, and make opening arguments in the case against Trump by articulating a precise legal strategy for how the Office of the Attorney General (OAG) can maximize its powers to stop the lawlessness and corruption of the Trump administration.

Amid all the mixed emotions prompted by the meteoric fall of New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, Zephyr Teachout is considering running for the post and prosecute people pardoned by the president.

Yet in Zephyr Teachout, New Yorkers would have a candidate uniquely qualified not just to fill Schneiderman’s shoes—both as a champion of women’s rights and as a defender of civil liberties and the Constitution—but with the potential to surpass him. After all, it was Teachout’s gubernatorial bid that helped expose Andrew Cuomo’s lousy record on women’s rights, leading him to conjure up the Women’s Equality Party as a cynical distraction from women’s issues. And though it hasn’t benefited from the media’s breathless obsession with Russia, the lawsuit accusing President Trump of violating the emoluments clause by accepting gifts and favors from foreign governments—in which Teachout is a lead plaintiff—is still very much alive and working its way through the courts.

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