Unity march for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
New York, NY - To hold reverence and celebrate the life of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr on the 50th Anniversary of his assassination, Black Lives Matter Greater NY, among other civil rights organizations and New Yorkers , participated on a walk through Harlem on April 4, 2018, as renowned leaders, artists and activists share their talents and collectively celebrate the Unity that Dr. King catalyzed around the world.

The only way to end Racism is through Unity. The group is also honoring Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. as he died on this day as well.

Participants of the Unity march for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gathered at Adam Clayton Powell Jr. State Office Building, in Harlem and walked to the flagship event at Riverside Church.

On the 50th anniversary of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination, we take a moment to honor his death and the sacrifices he made in the struggle for civil rights and racial justice. Dr. King fought for the rights and representation of marginalized people against the brutal oppression of their own government. On this day in particular, we stand in solidarity with the ongoing struggle of African Americans to achieve true equality, as well as our black immigrant communities who face the double stigma of racism and xenophobia in the Trump era, and commit ourselves to King’s values of ‘dangerous unselfishness.

Statement by Hawk Newsome, director of Black Lives Matter Greater NY:

Love is putting down personal insignificant differences. These differences we may hold in high esteem, however, they present an obstacle to progress. We will put them down for the greater good.

Love is standing hand-in-hand with your neighbor regardless of their race, regardless of their gender or orientation, and regardless of their of religion. Love is standing for what is right.

Love is making America the place that heals the racial divide. Love is saying and recognizing the black people have been oppressed for 500 years. We will understand that it is not just a black issue. Racism is an American issue.

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