Hands Off Mueller protest in Times Square
New York, NY — As GOP members of the House and Republican-leaning media continue to slander Robert Mueller, activists brave the cold on Wednesday evening to send one message: don’t fire the special counsel. Rise and Resist, a NYC-based direct action group, will march, chant, and engage tourists and residents in conversation while holding signs stating “Hands Off Mueller” and “You Can’t Fire the Truth”.

There are several ‘rapid response’ protests planned across the country in the event that Mueller is indeed fired, but this is the first to send a warning, in the interest of protecting democracy in the U.S. and preventing a constitutional crisis. While most Americans approve of Mueller’s handling of the investigation as more evidence of the administration’s obstruction of justice surfaces, voters fear that the GOP will set the stage for and support a Muller firing, continuing to blindly support an unfit president.

"It is essential that, as we see an ever increasing consolidation of power in the executive branch under the kleptocratic control of Trump and his cronies, resistance in 2018 must both be reactive to the injustices and criminality taking place but also must become prescient and organize and take action to disrupt and refuse to normalize," said Jenny Heinz, member of Rise and Resist.

Rise and Resist is a direct action group committed to opposing, disrupting, and defeating any government act that threatens democracy, equality, and our civil liberties. Previous Rise and Resist actions include a "cough-in" at Jean-Georges restaurant, a protest at Trump Tower against the Muslim ban, the ICE raids, and the proposed border wall, and weekly demonstrations demanding impeachment.

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