New York reacts to the Trump Administration's war escalation
New York - Protesters hit the streets on Friday, April 7, 2017; with an immediate rejection of the Trump Administration's war escalation and the ongoing U.S.-backed war against the Syrian people.

In New York, protesters converge outside Trump Tower and Union Square for a rally and march, with other cities including Washington, DC; Baltimore; Philadelphia and others, to reject Washington's latest war and demand that the trillions spent for war abroad be used instead for people's needs like jobs, housing, healthcare, reproductive rights and daycare.

Protesters reject this latest attack on a poor country coming on the heels of hundreds of civilian deaths at the hands of US airstrikes in Mosul, Yemen and Syria itself. The hypocrisy of Washington -- whose military possesses the world's largest stockpile of chemical, nuclear, biological and conventional weapons -- launching more more airstrikes to stop the use of chemical weapons is staggering, and shows the true intent: regime change.

U.S. wars are always built on lies and claims that they are fought for humanitarian reasons. Whether it was the Gulf of Tonkin resolution in 1966 which launched the U.S. into the quagmire of Viet Nam; the 1990 incubator baby lie which launched a 42-day aerial assault of Iraq, killing tens of thousands; or 2003's infamous weapons of mass destruction -- the end result is always death and destruction, waged for Wall Street profits.

The Syrian Arab Army was winning the war against ISIS and the U.S.-backed "rebels" and had no strategic, political or military reason to stage a deadly chemical attack. The August 2013 chemical attack in Syria's Ghouta -- referred to now as if it was another example of the Syrian government's brutality -- was shown not to have come from the Assad government, according to UN investigators as well as establishment journalists like Seymour Hersh.

Neither political party can be relied on to stand up to the U.S. war machine. It is clear that only the people, whom Trump has outraged with his anti-immigrant racism, anti-Muslim bigotry and base misogyny, are capable of opposing this war -- as Trump embraces the foreign policy goals and war strategies of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

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