Kill the Deal: March to Stop the Bedford Armory Deal
Brooklyn, NY - Affordable housing advocacy groups and local construction unions were joined by a couple hundred Brooklyn residents on April 12th, 2017; for a rally at Fort Greene Park followed by a march to the offices of Council-member Laurie Cumbo, demanding her to block the Bedford Union Armory rezoning and support 100% real affordable housing on this public land.

Crown Heights is ground zero in the fight against displacement and greedy real estate speculators.

The Bedford-Union Armory is public land and has the potential to create real affordable housing for local Crown Heights residents who risk being pushed out.

But as it stands, the Armory development will accelerate displacement because it provide almost no apartments that local residents afford. There is also no guarantee the recreation center will be accessible and no commitment to create good union jobs for local residents.

BFC Partners, a luxury real estate developer, wants to turn the Bedford Armory into luxury condos a few "affordable" units -- units that are only affordable to people making well above Crown Heights median income. The current Bedford Armory deal is a gentrification deal, plain and simple.

Crown Heights needs REAL deeply affordable housing. We're calling on Laurie Cumbo to stop selling off our community and make the Bedford Armory 100% affordable housing.

Councilmember Laurie Cumbo has the power to block the rezoning of the Bedford-Union Armory, revoking and reissuing the RFP, and supporting the creation of a community-led plan to develop 100% real affordable housing on this public land. She needs to act now before the rezoning process gets underway.

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