Veggie Pride Parade NYC 2017
New York - Enter the 10th annual NYC Veggie Pride Parade, which takes place in Greenwich Village/Union Square, on Sunday, April 2, 2017. For vegetarians, the day's festivities are sure to give their meatless way of living a much needed boost.

Parade participants are encouraged to dress up in costumes and wear sign boards announcing their pride in their vegan lifestyle. Local restaurants, veg groups, and veg everything will be represented with banners and chants. The parade includes animal-rights activists, environmentalists, and people simply concerned with their health. But on April 2, 2017, all will come together with one voice, one expression, of veggie pride.

The procession begins at 12 Noon, sharp, in the Old Meat Packing District (where 9th Ave. & Gansevoort St. intersect). It culminates in a festival for all to enjoy at the north end of Union Square Park. There, revelers of all persuasions will hear well-known vegan speakers and music by vegan artists. They'll all partake in free vegan food and explore a wide variety of exhibitor presentations. At 2 p.m., a costume contest will take place.

Throughout the day, individuals will be encouraged to speak their mind at the Soapbox Testimonial Station. Other activists will beckon passersby to receive a dollar in return for watching a pro-veg video.

Organizer Pamela Rice feels confident that this year's parade will be the best ever. Ms. Rice said, "I'm hoping that at this event people will see vegans and vegetarians come out of the shadows, once and for all."

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