NYC Students Walk Out to Protest Illegal Muslim Ban
On Tuesday, February 7, 2017; High School and College students from across New York City walked out of classes at noon and congregated at Foley Square, united in opposition to the recent illegal executive order targeting Muslims and refugees, also known as the “Muslim Ban.”

The order, targeting seven Muslim-majority countries and issued on International Holocaust Remembrance Day, bars the world’s most desperate and helpless people from finding refuge in this country, invoking painful memories of America’s past exclusionary practices and leaving tens of thousands of families in limbo. The move directly contradicts American laws and values, and is of particular offense to New Yorkers, over a third of whom are foreign born and most of whom identify with New York’s proud history as a city of immigrants.

Students throughout the five boroughs will march in solidarity with Muslims, residing in the U.S. or abroad, who are being criminalized and dehumanized by this hostile administration. As future leaders, students and allies will band together to demand the ban be immediately repealed.

“This movement must continue a week, a month and a year from now” expressed Hebh Jamal, student leader and community activist, during her speech given February 1st, 2017 at the “No Ban No Wall: March For Muslims and Allies” rally, “the people’s anger must not subside.”

The demonstration will begin at 12:30 PM as students from various academic institutions walk out of school and make their way to a rally in Foley Square. There, students will join members of the New York Immigration Coalition and other partnering organizations. Following the rally, the group will march to the New York City USCIS Local Office. Together, the demonstration will conclude with a collective condemnation of the Immigration Customs Enforcement and the exclusionary policies that it represents.

“It is our obligation as citizens to speak out against this shocking assault on our principles, and on our Muslim brothers and sisters,” said IntegrateNYC4Me delegate, Elijah Fox. “We don’t see a choice here.”

“We see this as the first of many public gatherings led by and facilitated by the Students of our City. The New York Immigration Coalition actively advocates for educational opportunities for undocumented students and leads city wide initiatives focusing on civic engagement among High School Students. Since the announcement of the Muslim Ban the NYIC has pulled thousands of New Yorkers to the streets to express our outrage. Now it’s time to educate and organize.” said Carlene Pinto Immigration Campaign Manager.

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