Chinatown and Lower East Side fight gentrification
New York - Chinatown, Lower East Side, and Lower Manhattan residents and workers protest NYC Council Member Margaret Chin’s divisive and destructive rezoning and land use policies on April 26, 2017 outside the New York City Council building at 250 Broadway, to demands Council Member Chin to step down for collusion with luxury developers.

Chinatown, Lower East Side, and Lower Manhattan residents and workers, tired of NY City Council Member Margaret Chin’s selling out their communities to luxury developers and pitting Asian Americans, Blacks and Latinos against one another, organized a protest to demand that Chin step down.

Chin ignored the community-led Chinatown Working Group rezoning plan that would protect all communities of color and working families in Chinatown and the Lower East Side. Instead, Chin launched her own limited rezoning for Chinatown that would exclude Latinos, Blacks and other Asians from land-use protections.

Chin gave a green light to the construction of the 80-story Extell condo tower on the East River waterfront--promoted by a real estate tycoon who calls Donald Trump "truly a visionary developer in N.Y. City." (Gary Barnett, The Real Deal, 3/24/17).

Chin did not speak out against the sale of air rights by Settlement Housing Fund and Two Bridges Neighborhood Council to JDS, which is trying to relocate seniors as it builds a 77-story building next to the Extell tower. High-rise projects from Starrett Development are in the works.

She has supported private development plans in the middle of NYCHA projects and in other public spaces, such as Elizabeth Street Garden. She held two meetings about the EIS process on the waterfront—all a phony show right before the elections. Chin's actions support Mayor de Blasio’s pro-developer rezoning plans in the neighborhood.

Community representatives from all parts of Council District 1 will call for both Margaret Chin and Mayor Bill de Blasio to step down and stop their deals with luxury developers that are destroying our communities.

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