Brooklynites protest Trump’s ‘Climate Denial Cabinet’
Brooklyn, NY – Today, hundreds of people joined a rally in Brooklyn as part of a nationwide day of action directed at Senators across the nation. 350Brooklyn, the local affiliate of the international climate group, organized the Brooklyn event.

Gathering in front of Senator Charles Schumer’s residence just off Grand Army Plaza, Brooklynites demanded that the new Senate Minority Leader use his position to strongly oppose President-elect Trump’s nomination of climate deniers to positions of great power over energy and the environment.

Brooklynites carried signs and chanted slogans urging Schumer to hang tough, in particular. against four of Trump’s climate denying nominees: Rex Tillerson, the ExxonMobil CEO nominated for Secretary of State; Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, nominated to head the Environmental Protection Agency; Ryan Zinke, Montana’s sole member of the House of Representatives, nominated to be Secretary of the Interior, and former Texas governor Rick Perry, Trump’s nominee for Energy Secretary.

At the rally, Brooklynites were loud and clear about the reasons for their opposition to these nominees.

“Chuck Schumer must lead the charge in Congress against Donald Trump’s extreme anti-environmental agenda,” says Eric Weltman, senior organizer with Food & Water Watch. “Our future depends on Schumer’s willingness to stand in the way of Trump’s corporate takeover of our government. The safety of our communities and environment hinges on Schumer speaking out against the fossil fuel CEOs and climate change deniers Trump wants to put in charge.”

“We’re doing this for our children and their children,” says 350Brooklyn co-coordinator Sara Gronim. “We don’t have four years to go backward on this. Climate change is real and it’s happening fast. Hurricane Sandy was a real hardship for Brooklyn, and sea level rise is a growing threat to many of our neighborhoods.”

“At the very moment when the window is closing on our ability to reverse the most devastating effects of climate change, the Trump Administration is appointing cabinet members who don't even believe that human civilization has anything to do with it. This is like still believing that the world is flat,” says Jon Forster, founder of the DC37 Climate Justice Committee. “Yet, in transitioning now to a clean, green economy, we have the opportunity to create millions of good jobs, avoid the astronomical costs of trying to fight increasingly violent floods, heat waves, and infestations, and protect hundreds of millions of people from climate driven social upheaval and conflict.”

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