The People’s Puppets of OWS radical potluck
The People’s Puppets of OWS are having a radical potluck on February 7, 2019 to open their new movement studio space! This is the very first of monthly radical potlucks to bring movement together for performance, sharing food and festivities.

You are cordially invited to our first monthly Radical Potluck! 2019 is the year we refocus and re-energize. The People’s Puppets of Occupy Wall Street POWS has spent the past 3 months migrating to our new studio (which we share with a bunch of other fabulous artists and creative dissenters), and engaged in a lot of internal conversations about the future of arts activism, and our place within the larger community, and we want to welcome you all into these conversations and into our new home. On February 7th, we open the doors to our new space for a night of performances, movement building conversations, and of course, food (and drink!).

Performances include:

Bing Bong: A Strange Ritual for You and Your Loved Ones (Tom Cunningham and friends!)
Nathan Leigh! (punk folk rocking ne-er do well with an uncanny fashion sense!)
Cantastoria (Jason Hicks and Sam Wilson)
Rockaway Pipeline Cantastoria by Kim Fraczek of Sane Energy Project
Sing in Solidarity: Democratic Socialists of America Chorus

We’ll also dedicate a portion of the evening as a space for individuals and groups to share projects they are working on, recruit folks for upcoming actions, and give shout outs about awesome things happening that we all should know about. Think of it like Facebook but in person, and with less Russian bots (hopefully!!)

We hope to continue this event monthly to fortify our community and cross-pollinate until we grow like wildflowers and choke the bullshit out of existence.

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