Activist groups protest Wells Fargo unfair practices
A concerned group of New York-based citizens, professionals, activists, artists and groups such as Occu-Evolve, Alternative Banking Group, the Green Party, Revolution Is Sexy, Picture the Homeless, etc., are staging a protest vs Wells Fargo's corporate headquarters for crimes against the American public.

From setting up bogus accounts, to illegally repossessing 413 American solider's cars, to firing 5,300 employees coerced to engaging in fraud against bank customers, the list of fraud and crime is endless -- and this is RETAIL banking, allegedly the boring side of the bank industry. Needless to say, if something can be 'gamed' and 'rigged,' it will.

In the group's opinion, the CEO of Wells Fargo John Stumpf should NOT be allowed to walk into the bank's headquarters with ease, he needs to hear the public's OUTRAGE and get scared that they are outside his company's doors.

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