Women “wall-in” Trump’s Sexual Violence and Racism
New York, NY-- Ahead of GOTV weekend, multiracial women who started the #GOPHandsOffMe movement are escalating outside of the Trump Tower. More than 60 women and children formed a wall of women in front of the entrance and around the block of Trump’s campaign headquarters. The women, many of them wearing arm bands to identify themselves as survivors, encircled the entire Trump Tower to demonstrate the power women of color voters hold to defeat Trump and the hateful anti-woman, anti-immigrant, anti-Black politics of the GOP.

The #GOPHandsOffMe movement returns for its third wave of protests across the country. In NYC, they formed a wall of women, sending a clear message that women of color will defeat Trump and the GOP’s politics of racism and misogyny

Hundreds of women linked arms for over an hour outside of the Trump Tower, which serves as the campaign headquarters for the Republican nominee. The women brought shovels and dirt to illustrate their power to “bury” Trump and the GOP’s politics of racism and sexism at the polls on November 8th.

This is the third action from the women-of-color led #GOPHandsOffMe movement that formed in response to the Republican Party’s continued endorsement of Donald Trump following his sexist comments and numerous allegations of sexual assault over two weeks ago.

As women in countries from Argentina to Poland and Iceland have demonstrated against misogyny and rape culture, organizers of the #GOPHandsOffMe movement are clear that these protests around defeating the GOP and Trump in the election are only the beginning.

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