32nd Annual Brazilian Day in New York
Brazilian Day in NYC is one of the largest ethnic celebrations in The Big Apple, and a unique opportunity to embrace the Brazilian culture. This sensational celebration is one of the largest public events in New York City’s official summer calendar.

The festival began to celebrate Brazil's Independence Day. Since 1984, that small celebration has only grown, up to the point of attracting over1.5 million people in 2010, according to official information from NYPD.

People come from as close as Connecticut and as far as California. Perfectly bonding with the diverse population of New York City, people also come from Europe, Asia and Africa, to join in the festivities. Some travel in groups, they commute by bus, some fly in, and others simply drive hundreds of miles. No one wants to be left out of this party, which is now considered the world's biggest Brazilian event outside Brazil and one of the greatest ethnic events in the Big Apple.

The Brazilian Day festival is not simply a party celebration; it has become an opportunity to reach out to the Brazilian community in the United States. On that day, Brazilians join each other from different parts of the world, many coming from Brazil just to attend the festival, show their pride, advertise their culture and live their nostalgic and anonymous feeling of being an immigrant away from home.

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