Animal rights groups to protest NYBC main donor
NYCLASS, Animals Battalion and TheirTurn are holding a protest at MetLife Plaza in Midtown New York until MetLife uses its power as the New York Blood Center's largest corporate donor to restore funding for the abandoned chimps, exposing the New York Blood Center's lack of compassion and reckless disregard to the 66 chimpanzees they abandoned.

People who work in the MetLife building and other buildings in the vicinity are becoming increasingly frustrated at the sight and sound of the animal rights activists in the public plaza where they relax and eat lunch.

The undeterred protesters will continue their campaign until MetLife stops bankrolling the NY Blood Center and demands that it reinstate funding for the 66 chimps who they abandoned with no food on islands in Liberia. After years of being used for medical experiments, lab chimpanzees in Liberia and Ivory Coast have been abandoned by New York Blood Center, an organization with assets of $450 million. The chimps are in danger of dehydration and starvation and are reliant on humans to survive.

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