Family of Delrawn Small seek justice - 2-Yr Anniversary Vigil
New York, NY - After two years seeking justice, Delrawn Smalls' family and community supporters on gathered outside the NYPD headquarters at One Police Plaza on July 2, 2018, to honor his memory and demand Mayor Bill de Blasio and Commissioner James P. O'Neill to fire officer Wayne Isaacs immediately.

On July 4, 2016, NYPD Officer Wayne Isaacs murdered Delrawn Small, who was unarmed, on the corner of Atlantic Ave. and Bradford St. in East NY. In spite of murdering Delrawn in front of his family, letting him bleed out in the street without offering CPR or any other aid, and lying about what had happened, Isaacs is still an NYPD officer, collecting a city paycheck.

More about the NYPD killing of Delrawn Small: On July 4, 2016, NYPD Officer Wayne Isaacs, who was off-duty at the time, cut Delrawn Small's car off while driving erratically down Atlantic Ave, endangering Delrawn’s family as well as others who were on the road. Delrawn and Isaacs both stopped at light on the corner of Bradford St. and Atlantic Ave. While sitting in his car, Isaacs unholstered his gun simply because he saw Delrawn walk out of his car.

When Delrawn approached Isaacs car, Isaacs fired his gun, not one or two, but three times. Delrawn stumbled, fell to the ground and soon bleeding out from the shots. All of this occurred in front of Delrawn's partner, their infant son and her teenage daughter.

Isaacs did not attempt to provide any emergency aid or try to help Delrawn in anyway. Instead he called 911 and lied to them, saying that he had been attacked and failing to mention that he had just shot someone and that Delrawn was bleeding out on the ground. After the incident Isaacs and the NYPD promoted the lie that Delrawn had attacked Isaacs until surveillance footage surfaces, which shows Isaacs shooting Delrawn as soon as he approaches the car.

Isaacs' murder trial concluded last Nov - outrageously with an acquittal and the NYPD still has yet to bring charges against him. Instead, he is collecting an inflated NYPD check. Isaacs is a danger to our communities and must be fired from the NYPD!

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