Walk the Talk Convergence Kick Off Week of Actions NYC
New York, NY - New York renewable energy advocacy groups kicked off a state-wide week of action named #CuomoWalktheTalk -- #OffFossilFuels campaign! on November 13, 2017; outside Governor Andrew Cuomo's offices in Manhattan. In the next six months, November - April, local groups will organize synchronized actions with parallel messaging at the front-lines of their own energy battles throughout New York State as we move closer to a convergence Albany in April of 2018.

Today at noon, A number of city and statewide activist groups opposed to fracking and the state’s overreliance on fossil fuels, including 350 Brooklyn, 350 NYC, Food & Water Watch, New York Communities for Change (NYCC), New York Public Interest Research Group (NYPIRG), Sane Energy Project, Surfrider NYC Chapter, United for Action, other activists focused on stopping the Williams Pipeline and concerned New Yorkers organized a picket line outside Governor Cuomo’s Manhattan office and call on him to halt all fracking infrastructure projects in the state, and begin a rapid transition from fossil fuel to 100 percent renewable energy.

A few years ago, after pressure from activists, Cuomo banned fracking in New York. But fossil fuel infrastructure projects that would bring fracked gas into the state are still happening on Cuomo's watch.

This New York City event is part of a statewide week of action to launch a major new campaign to push Governor Cuomo to move New York away from fossil fuels as fast as possible.

City and state activists are uniting against harmful fracking infrastructure projects across New York. Together, these groups will support each other's local battles in a coordinated effort to hold Cuomo accountable to his stated commitment to being a national leader against fracking, and for public health.

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