Rise and Resist cathartic screaming protest against Trump
New York, NY — The anguish and psychological damage inflicted on millions of Americans under a year of the Trump administration cannot be underestimated. The panic and uncertainty that comes with the emboldening of racists, the targeting of Muslims, disparaging remarks directed to an entire island suffering from hurricane after-effects, and the rampant incompetency and wickedness of leaders that are supposed to protect all Americans, not endanger them - it’s hard to cope.

For a half hour on November 7, 2017; at The Oculus in downtown Manhattan, members of direct action activist group Rise and Resist not only channelled their frustrations into a scream-and-shout protest against the administration, but collectively committed to another year of peaceful direct action against Trump's bastardization of the presidency. Rise and Resist has staged and participated in over 50 protests since Trump was elected, and will continue to encourage all Americans to take to the streets to demand justice.

"We are here to remind people of all the awful things that have happened this year, and to commit ourselves to another year of fighting, if that's what it takes." said Kellen Gold, member of the activist group.

Rise and Resist has staged civil disobedience actions at Trump Tower resulting in 26 arrests, a ‘cough-in’ at Trump International Hotel, a No War/No Hate march to Columbus Circle after Trump’s racist Charlottesville comments, and most recently marched as the Emperor Has No Clothes brigade, dressing as nude Trump, as part of the NYC Halloween Parade.

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