New Yorkers celebrate Biden-Harris ticket victory
New York, NY - On November 7, 2020 Thousands of New Yorkers joined members of the Protect the Results: New York City Coalition, a group formed by over 90 local community organizations at Columbus Circle for the March to Protect The Results, taking the streets of Manhattan to celebrate the Biden-Harris ticket victory after winning the majority of the Electoral College votes.

This decisive victory is a mandate by voters and those of us who couldn’t vote but energized and mobilized others to the polls, to reject greed and white supremacy, and to vote for policies that value people over profit. But our win doesn’t end here. This is just the beginning.

While November 3rd might have been the last day to cast a ballot in the 2020 election, it's not the last day to make our voices heard.

Record numbers of Americans participated in the election. Mail-in ballots are still being counted and we need to insure that our democracy is protected.

With every Trump tweet, false conspiracy theory or refusal to accept legitimate results of the 2020 election, we’ll need to ensure that every vote is counted fairly, the results are protected, and to make certain that the year ahead is better, fairer, and more just than the past.

Together, we can build a future where we decide what our democracy looks like because the people have the final say. We can create a future where all of us – people of color, workers, tenants, immigrant communities – have a voice and our families can thrive.

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