TEST 5D IMG_3785-3804 RS 5500K top300 pixels

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    TEST Canon EOS 5D + EF 24mm f/2.8 (ISO-100)

    WARNING: the full-sized (2400x6000 pixels)image file is 6.10MB

    100% crops of 20 landscape-orientation 12.8MP images.
    Uppermost 300 pixels vertical,
    800 pixels horizontal left, center and right.

    One row for every f-stop from f/2.8 to f22 (and f/2.8 again)

    RAW-files converted with RAW Shooter P 2006 to 16-bit TIFF,
    no sharpening or any other correction, color temp set at 5500K.

    Cropped and pasted in PS CS2, no sharpening or any other correction.
    Flattened, converted to 8-bit colordepth, and saved as Q12 .jpg

    A small version of one of the complete, uncropped photos can be seen here

    1. Seb Przd 104 months ago | reply

      Interesting picture... you seem to have a speck of dust on your sensor, upper left corner :-)

    2. erik-nl 104 months ago | reply

      I did this for a member of the Panotools Newsgroup
      It could be useful to many others as well.

      I knew there was dust on the sensor, but (even if it is a bit embarrassing) it does show very nicely how dust becomes more and more visible when the lens aperture decreases in size.

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