• This is my Vista home folder. It doesn't have as much content as my core folder because it is on a smaller HD (I have two 100's in my laptop).
  • This is my core folder, on the larger of my laptop's two HDs. It stores my video, non-iTunes music, docs, downloads, all photos, and backups of my website.
  • This is the source file of the screenshot you're viewing right now!
  • This is Doomi, a to-do list app running on Adobe AIR. I love it.
  • Shortcuts to my content folders.
  • Firefox, Windows Live Mail beta, and Windows Calendar are three very important apps for me.
  • Using Google Chrome, I have set up shortcuts to standalone Gmail, GCal, GReader, and GDocs apps.
  • Twhirl, my Twitter client. Couldn't survive without it. Well, okay, I'd just use the site, but still...
  • Digsby is my multi-service chat client. I pine for video and audio chat support every day.
  • For IRC chat (which has definitely NOT died out), I use X-Chat.
  • This shortcut opens Pamela for Skype, which I have set up to also open Skype itself.
  • This shortcut opens a Mozilla Prism standalone of Leo Laporte's TWiT Live stream.
  • This shortcut opens a Mozilla Prism standalone of the live video stream from the Weekly Force-Cast, a Star Wars podcast.
  • I couldn't manage my extensive collection of stuff without Librarian Pro.
  • iTunes -- 'nuff said.

My Desktop 9-20-08

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My desktop at rest.

  1. erier2003 79 months ago | reply

    I am using RocketDock to imitate a Leopard dock as closely as I can. My content folders (on the left) even open in stacks.

  2. marccarson 79 months ago | reply

    Thanks for the informative notes. Is the collection manager used for your Star Wars items? I have a cousin who uses Excel for his Star Wars collection, but he really needs to use something better.

  3. erier2003 79 months ago | reply

    Yes, porkfriedriceplease, I use Librarian Pro for managing my collection of general Star Wars items and Book Collector for the books specifically.

  4. super7david [deleted] 78 months ago | reply

    Thats cool, like the wallpaper!

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