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Sunset at Lake Tahoe | by Eric M Martin
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Sunset at Lake Tahoe



After a long week and rough Friday, I think the whole family was looking forward to heading up to Lake Tahoe for some fun in the snow. The trip up took a bit longer than we expected but it was a beautiful drive up. We hadn't been to the snow in almost 2 years.


We meet Shannon's parents and her brother & family at the cabin. After touring the place, Shannon's Dad took us out back to show us this incredible chute he had made down the side of the hill. We all got our snow gear on and headed out to play. I jumped on a sled and took the first run down. It was insane. Cooper came out and wanted to go with me, so we got all settled in together and took off down the hill. Let me just interrupt the story here...


In September 2008 Caden got a buckle fracture on his leg when I took him down one of those big enclosed slides at a park. Going around a corner, his leg caught the side and the force of my weight caused his leg to fracture. It was one of the worst moments I've had as a parent, and I can still hear the crack in my mind. Now, back to the story...


As we started down the hill, I was "yelling" at Cooper to keep his feet in the sled, not wanting to be responsible for another injury. The ironic part was that I had my feet out of the sled, digging into the snow to try and slow us down. Well, as luck would have it, my foot caught on the side of the chute and my lower leg bent back and I heard a pop. So, 5 minutes into our snow play, there I lay on the ground, nauseous, wondering what kind of damage I had just done to my knee.


At this point, I still don't know, but I can hardly walk on it and I can't twist my leg at all. Way to start off a vacation, huh?


So, after a few hours of laying on the couch while my poor pregnant wife was trying to chase the boys up and down the steep hill, Max and I decided to head out to try and take a few pictures. We were racing along highway 89, trying to beat the sunset and to find a way down to the water. We ended up in some private residences and against better judgment, went into the backyard of a house that appeared vacant. It was such a wonderful view...neither of us wanted to leave. Despite the pain I was in, it made it all worth it.


There is another story about why I didn't post this shot yesterday, but I've already gone too long, so I'll spare you all the details ;) I had a great weekend, despite the injury, and hope you all did as well.


Taken for Assignment52 week 4 - Blue


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Taken on January 30, 2010