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Inside St. James Chapel ...

On a recent photo walk in Chicago, my friend Ed and I saw a brand new Lamborghini so we went to investigate. After drooling a bit, we saw this old, gothic style church in the background.


Curious, I walked up the steps, pulled the door handle. It was unlocked so we went in where a nice older man behind a desk paused from his phone conversation and told us "the chapel's upstairs."


The walk up the stairs seemed like it took for ever. When I got to the top of the stairs, this was what we saw.


Ends up, this is the St. James Chapel. It's a few blocks from the Hancock Building. It was modeled after Sainte Chapelle in Paris and this treasure has been called "the crown jewel of Chicago's architecture."


Glad I walked up and opened the door.

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Taken on August 27, 2011