My first four pieces, although visually and mechanically different from each other, all shared a 'recoil' style escapement. While this is a very acceptable mechanism, its timekeeping properties are inferior to the 'dead-beat', which is a bit trickier to make. I encourage anything practical and more accurate, as long as it's not at the expense of the aesthetic. Dead-beat and recoil escapements look very similar, so with the sketch for No.5 in front of me, I began laying out a gear train which would include my first dead-beat escapement.

In addition to a healthy technical change, my fifth also makes a successful visual deviation, and utilizes some different materials. The paddle like shapes are made of rice paper that's been treated with poly-eurothane, and then distressed and chipped away. There's a more traditional style to the lettering used, and this visual theme is repeated in the gear spokes, hands, and weight of the clock. Perhaps the most eye-catching visual feature, however, is the small magnifying lenses fitted to the counterbalance of the hands.
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