Spacecraft: 2000 to 2100 AD
These pieces have been scanned in from the first in the wonderful set of "Terran Trade Authority Handbooks" by Stewart Crowley. Published in 1978, the future timeline depicted in these books has already proven to be, unfortunately, woefully incorrect. The following is a passage from the introduction:

"The twenty-first century will be remembered as one of the most significant periods of human history. Those qualities of direction, purpose and unity which are the essential ingredients for real progress had gradually been dissipated in a fragmented world. Humanity had become preoccupied with the minutiae of daily living and men of broader vision were finding themselves an unheeded minority. Man needed a quest to fire his imagination and extend his abilities. For a while he found one in his early attempts to explore the vastness of space, but the exhilaration was soon replaced with a growing resentment of the massive costs and minimal returns. Instead of being a springboard to escape a shrinking world, space became another weapon in mankind's civil war."
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