What I did this weekend

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    The story of how this happened is here: computertechgirl.blogspot.com/2007/03/what-i-did-this-wee...

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    1. <<MATT>> 97 months ago | reply

      Thank God for UV filters!!!!!!!!!

    2. Pitcha 95 months ago | reply

      OUCH ! I won't eat rice for a month now in memory of your lens :)

    3. jayebizz 93 months ago | reply

      omg i would have been SICK to my stomach as well....thank goodness for UV! :)

    4. stan_pustylnik [deleted] 92 months ago | reply

      Erica, it's the first time I see proof to story about filters saving lenses... :)
      I did something similar 2 years ago after changing lenses, trew backpack onto my shoulders completly forgetting to zip backpack. 4 Minolta lenses landed on asphalt payvment 2-3 meters from me. minolta 50mm f/1.7 did dramatic roll on pavment and hit concrete slap at the end of parking (~7-8 meters away). I was virtually crying and saying Good Bye to my minolta glass, but amazingly they all survived without damage to glass and I still use them.
      I would not be happy with new ultra wide lenses, because glass is so close to surface.

      Thanks for sharing. going to zip now.

    5. rhondathomas 82 months ago | reply

      Erica...I was miserable while reading your story! It was so disheartening to think you had lost your lens. I'm thinking the whole time: maybe house insurance would cover it (not thinking of the deductible!) So, I was super happy to hear the ending! Thanks for the reminder to keep a filter on to protect the lens. I went a few weeks without one when I got my new Canon, but worried about it the whole time. I have one now, and will make sure I always will!
      Great story! (Great ending!)

    6. seizo92630 82 months ago | reply

      You are absolutely right! My camera guy showed me a box of broken filters and explained how they can save my lens. $20 to save my $700 lens. No brainer :)

    7. spinningwatermelon [deleted] 82 months ago | reply

      Oh my, I had a pit in my stomach when I saw this picture... after reading the story, glad to hear it was only a filter! I do that all the time too, leave my backpack open and stuff flies out, that is.

    8. Erica_Marshall 82 months ago | reply

      I've since replaced the backpack with one that has a better design so that if I leave it open stuff won't fall out. I also try to keep it closed at all times so that if it tips over stuff won't fall out -of course, that's a much shorter fall than from standing-height.

    9. Erica_Marshall 82 months ago | reply

      Everyone seems to read into this story the fact that the filter saved me and I'm not so sure. It may have saved the threaded ring on the lens that you screw the filters into (that, as far as I can tell, was the point of impact), but I don't think the glass would have broken if there was no filter.

      Also, I've stopped using filters on this lens. First, it increases the chances of flare, and second -because it's so wide I have to use a slim filter on it which doesn't allow me to use a regular lens cap. Those friction-based caps just don't work well -I kept finding it at the bottom of my photo bag, so I've ditched the filter altogether at this point.

    10. David Rothwell (rothwell172) 38 months ago | reply

      I know how this feels, although my circumstance surround the former tripod I owned and the aerodynamics of a lense hood. I had puchased Samsung NX11 camera kit, albeit a lot different from my current Canon stable.

      The camera did not hold up in wind at all, it blew right over with the powerful breeze, then smashing against the asphalt, the lense had sheared right off the mount. I telephoned samsung who were not helpful at all. Needless to say I no longer own a samsung camera or a cheap hama tripod.

      My equipment is now insured Canon, Manfrotto, Tamron, Olympus and my old pal my compact Fuji camera. Very robust, having said that I have also dropped my 18mm-55mm lense. It bounced right back up into my hand and in mint condition.

      NB Tripod was stolen.

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